Become a Top Wedding Planner – Get the Education You Need


I receive a lot of questions about the education someone needs to become a wedding planner. Usually people ask about getting a wedding planner certificate or diploma, but I also occasionally get questions about whether you need to get a high school diploma or college degree and what classes to take.

There isn’t a requirement for a certification or degree to plan weddings or have a wedding planning business, so you can start without a formal education. But instead of thinking just about what the “official” requirements are, ask yourself these questions when trying to decide the education you need:

1)  Do the brides I want to work with want wedding planners who have certificates and diplomas?

In some niches, and in some geographical areas, brides will seek out planners with wedding planner certificates. Find out if this is true for the brides you want as clients.

2) If I wanted to work for someone else first, before I start my own business, would they expect me to have this certificate or degree?

Most employers, whether or not they are with the weddings and events industry, will want you to have at least a high school diploma. Planners may also want you to have taken courses in floral design, interior design, hospitality or wedding and event planning.

3) Do I have limited knowledge about wedding planning?

If you are not familiar with wedding planning beyond, perhaps, planning your own, you’ll need to learn how to plan weddings for others. (It’s not the same as planning your own event.)

4) Do you possess the skills needed to have a successful business?

Good oral and written communication skills, basic knowledge of accounting, marketing, and knowing how to give good customer service are a few of the skills you need to run a business.

5) What do your need to learn to be the best wedding planner for your brides?

Decide what you need to learn and pursue the education that would make you the best. It might be that you need to learn more about negotiating with vendors or designing spectacular weddings. Whatever it is, there are classes you can take on the subject.

Just because there are no “official” requirements for becoming a wedding planner doesn’t mean you can forget about getting an education. Always strive to be the best you can be for your clients and for yourself.

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