Become a Top Wedding Planner – Get Your Bride and Groom Focused on the Ceremony


You are helping a couple plan their wedding and spending hours on all of the details of the reception, the music, food, entertainment, and cake, but don’t forget to invest time in planning the ceremony. Special moments from the service that show the love the bride and groom have for one another are often what is remembered long after the food and the cake are gone.

Here are 9 things you want to discuss with the bride and groom about their ceremony:

1 )  The religious and/or cultural elements they want to incorporate into their wedding

The couple may have already discussed this before selecting their ceremony location but if they did not, they should decide the type of ceremony they want before moving forward with selecting an officiant.

2 )The officiant

If the officiant is someone the bride and groom already know, they will be familiar with his or her style and personality. However, if they are hiring someone they do not know, they should interview the person and find out what type of service they give and if their personality is right for the couple. If they want a family member to marry them, check to be sure the person has been ordained and can legally marry someone in your area.

3 ) Who the bride wants to walk her down the aisle

A bride may have parents and step-parents. She should make a decision early in the planning as to who she wants with her in the processional and speak to them as soon as she has made her decision.

4 ) What part of their love story they want to share

Guests often like to know about how the couple met and fell in love so they get a sense of who the bride and groom are as a couple.

5 ) The music and readings they want to include

This is not something that they can leave until the last moment since it involves inviting or hiring others to participate in the service.

6 ) How they want to explain any cultural or religious traditions

If the guest list includes people who are unfamiliar with traditions in their ceremony or if parts of it are in a different language, the couple needs to decide if they want someone to explain it during the ceremony or give background information in the program. Many couples forget this step and guests are left wondering what is happening rather than being able to fully enjoy the ceremony.

7 ) If the couple wants to honor their parents or any loved ones who have passed

Couples can honor their parents with a reading and the ceremony can include a few words about loved ones who have passed. Or, the bride can have a special flower in her bouquet in or have a candle lit at the altar to honor them.

8 ) The vows they want to recite

The couple can use traditional vows or write their own. If they write their own, insist that they start early and put this item on the bride’s timeline.

9 ) If  they want to include a unity ceremony

The couple may want to do a unity candle, sand or wine ceremony or a ritual such as  handfasting. If the wedding includes blending a bride and groom’s children, the couple might want to include a family unity ceremony.

As a wedding planner you want to make sure a couple’s ceremony is well-planned, don’t let a them spend all of their time on the reception then wait until the last minute to throw together their service.

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