Become a Top Wedding Planner – Get Your Brides and Grooms Focused on Their Wedding Vows


I was watching the latest episode of “Four Weddings” last weekend and realized that every episode had comments about the wedding vows. The brides really took notice of each others’ vows and when they were written by the couple and very personalized, they always commented on how special they made the ceremony.

With all of the excitement of shopping for a dress and working with you to select the right venue, food, flowers, etc., couples can lose sight of why they are having a wedding. They don’t take the time they thought they would to sit down and write their heartfelt words to express their love and hopes for their marriages.

Help your couples by suggesting they begin writing their vows a few months before the wedding so they are not trying to throw something together the night before the wedding. When they have their vows written in advance and are prepared, they are less apt to be nervous about saying them aloud during the ceremony.

You may want to have some resources available to help them with their writing. There are many sites on the Internet that give sample vows for different types of wedding ceremonies or there are books on the subject of writing vows that you might want to have on hand. You could create a guide or fill-in-the-blank template for vow writing that helps couples who are really struggling gather their thoughts. It can be as simple as suggesting they tell why they love the other person, what they want to promise to them and what their hopes are for their life together.

You might also want to recommend they show their vows to their officiant before the day of the wedding, in case they need approval.

Remember the more prepared they are with their vows, the less stressed they will be about it in the few days before the wedding so it’s one less thing that you have to help with at the last minute.

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