Become a Top Wedding Planner – Handle Competition


Wedding Planner Ready for Competition

New wedding planning business often worry about competition.  But really the time to worry is when there isn’t any competition, it could mean there are not enough potential clients to have a successful business.

Here are some ways to handle your competition fears:

First – Learn about your competition

  • Know who else is offering wedding planning services in your area.  It may not be just wedding and event planners but also caterers, florists, and party rental stores. Places of worship may offer the services of a wedding planner too.
  • What niche do they market to?  Who are their ideal clients?
  • What is their marketing message is (for example, low cost, eco-friendly, etc.)?
  • How do they market to them (mailers, online, referrals, exhibit at bridal fairs, etc.)?

Knowing what other wedding planners are doing will help you determine how to differentiate yourself from them.

Second – Evaluate your own company

  • What is your niche and what do your the ideal clients look like?
  • How well do you know your niche?
  • What marketing message are you sending out to your niche?
  • Is your message targeted at your niche and does it clearly explain your uniqueness?
  • How do you market to your niche?
  • Have you developed services and products that are specifically for your niche?  (Don’t offer things because other wedding planners do, learn what your brides and couples need and will pay for)

If you aren’t clear about your niche, your ideal client may have trouble seeing your uniqueness so make sure you know that first.  Then make sure your marketing messages convey your uniqueness so it it clear in your potential clients’ minds that you are the right wedding planner for them.

Third – Concentrate the Most Time and Energy on Your Own Business

Now that you know what your competition is doing and you’ve evaluated your own business, take what you have learned, make changes and set new goals, if necessary.  Then concentrate not on beating out someone else but on being the best at what you do, offering the best products and services to your clients, and marketing so everyone hears all about you.

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