Become a Top Wedding Planner – Help a Bride Explain Her Vision


A bride can sometimes struggle with being able to put into words what her vision is for her wedding. It helps if she has been collecting photographs from magazines that she can show you and other wedding vendors.  But what you can also do to help her express her vision is to go through the five senses, sight, sound, taste, smell and touch, and have her tell you what she wants for her wedding in each of these areas.

Here are questions you can ask your bride that should help her to share her vision:


-What do you want your guests to see when they first enter your ceremony site? Your reception venue?

-What would you like to see when you walk down the aisle?

-Do you see yourself getting married under a canopy?

-Is there an altar? What is on it?

-What does the aisle runner look like?

-What do you want to see when you enter your reception site?

-What colors are present in the room? And are they soft and romantic or bold, bright and fun?

-Is the scene sunlit? Candlelit? Does it have a pink glow?


-What type of music would you like to hear being played during the ceremony?

-Would you like to hear a choir singing? Soloist? A harpist? Guitarist?

-Would you like to hear a band play versions of your favorite songs at your reception or would you prefer a DJ playing the songs the way you are used to hearing them?


-What do you want your guests to eat at the reception?

-Should the food be cold or hot? Spicy or mild?

-Are a number of your guests vegetarians?

-Do you want a large variety of food, as in a buffet?

-Do you want your food to follow a theme – Chinese, Italian, all appetizers or comfort food?

-Do you like sweets and want a dessert table or will wedding cake be the dessert?


-What scents do you want in the room? That of particular flowers, like roses?

-The scent of food or wine? If so, what kinds?


-What type of textures do you like in your linens – smooth, silky and elegant? Soft and casual?

-Are your table settings of delicate china or heavy porcelain?

After you have gone through questions about the senses, ask her what she might want guests to say about her wedding after they leave. Does she hope they say her wedding was traditional, romantic, fun, like a big party, or very elegant and chic?

It’s important for you to spend some time finding out all you can about what the bride wants so you can help her have the wedding of her dreams.

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