Become a Top Wedding Planner – Help Brides Budget Wedding Catering Costs


When you are planning a wedding, brides rely on you not only to be up on the latest trends in food and beverage but also the best suggestions for saving money on their catering budgets. In the March/April 2011 issue of Special Events magazine, caterers gave tips for keeping costs down.

Here are 5 tips for sticking to the budget:

1) Use a number of passed small plates instead of a three-course dinner

This will allow a bride’s guest to try different foods without spending a great deal of money. Be careful to not have too many choices, many guests like to sample everything offered which will bring costs back up.

2) Consider a 3 to 4 hour cocktail reception instead of a longer dinner reception

This will be less formal and more for brides and grooms who want a party atmosphere and will save on costs.

3) Work with the caterer to find creative, low-cost alternatives

Find your bride a caterer who can work within your bride’s budget. 

4) Cut down on courses and extras

The bride doesn’t need to stuff her guests with food. Keep the number of types of passed hors d’oeurve and courses to a minimum.

5) Use cupcakes for dessert

These are very popular and not as expensive as a traditional tiered wedding cake. See if your bride’s caterer offers this alternative or find a cupcake specialty shop. The vintage ivory and silver wedding cupcake tower is from Genii Cupcakes.

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