Become a Top Wedding Planner – Help a Bride Have a Life While Planning Her Wedding


The March 2012 issue of Brides magazine ranks hiring a wedding planner high on their list of ways for a bride to “plan a wedding and still have a life.”

The 3 reasons they give for hiring a wedding planner are ones that you can incorporate into your marketing message:

  1. You take care of most of the wedding planning work, allowing a bride to spend time with her fiance
  2. You negotiate discounts with wedding vendors, which means your services can pay for themselves
  3. You coordinate all activities during the most important last 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding, eliminating some of the feeling of being overwhelmed that a bride who plans her own wedding experiences

The article also mentions other ways a bride can still have a life when planning a wedding. The most important one you’ll want to share with your bride – don’t become a perfectionist.

If your bride gets too obsessed with making everything perfect, she’ll miss having fun planning the wedding of her dreams. Encourage her to select a few things that really make a difference to her and her fiance and concentrate her time and energy on those few things.

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