Become a Top Wedding Planner – Help Control Your Bride’s Obsession with Details


Wedding Planners Can Help Brides Manage Wedding Details

In the April 2010 issue of Brides magazine, newlyweds revealed what details they obsessed over during their wedding.

Here are a two of the things they mentioned and how you can help your brides if they have similar obsessions:

1) The wedding menu had a green and white color scheme but the caterer substituted cantaloupe for honeydew when the fruit arrived spoiled. It ruined the bride’s color palette.

If you are involved in the planning the menu and know that a detail such as the color of the foods is important, make sure the caterer knows this and reviews options with the bride while the menu is being planned. See that this information is put in writing so both parties are clear on what is expected.

2) Three of the newlyweds revealed that they had obsessed over DIY items. One had hand-painted 200 wine glasses for her guests, one scoured her neighborhood for theme items for her centerpieces and awoke at 4:30 every morning to work on them and another spent a great deal of money finding the right colored tissue paper to wrap gifts for the attendants.

Brides often think if they do some things themselves, they will save money. That isn’t always true, materials can be expensive and because they are taking the time to create things, they may need to hire people who can save them time in other areas. Talk to your bride about the things she wants to make herself and add it to her timeline. Also decide at what point she needs to be done and either purchase the items she is trying to make or hire people to finish her projects for her.

Try to get your bride focused on the reason for her wedding, marrying the man she loves. Remembering this should help her be more relaxed and enjoy her day even when things don’t come out exactly the way she wants.

Wedding Planning Ideas from Brides Magazine April 2010

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