Become a Top Wedding Planner – Help the Bride Select Her Wedding Cake


Since my last post was about groom’s cakes, I thought I’d blog today about working with bakers and cake designers.  If you are helping a bride select her vendors, you’ll want to help her prepare in advance for her meeting so she doesn’t get overwhelmed and so she makes the best use of her time.

One of the tools in the bonus Toolkit that comes with my ebook on becoming a top wedding planner is a worksheet for interviewing a baker.  The worksheet tells you to ask the bride to prepare for the interview by doing such things as getting photographs of cakes she likes,  knowing flavors she and her groom like and dislike or are allergic to, and knowing the size of her reception room so the cake will not be too large to fit in the room.  It also gives you all of the questions you and your bride need to ask so you don’t miss any of the details of what you and she need to know before ordering.

I found this video on YouTube that is an interview with the Buddy Valastro, of Carlo’s Bakery, the “Cake Boss” from the TLC television program of the same name.  In it he shares what a couple would experience when they book a wedding cake appointment with him or any other wedding cake baker.  It’s worth taking the time to watch it, especially if you have not had much experience with bakers.

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