Become a Top Wedding Planner – Help Your Bride Accomplish Her New Year's Resolutions


As a wedding planner, do you know what brides have resolved to do in the New Year?  It’s important that you get inside the mind of your clients to be able to help them and be successful in your business.  Here are 3 top New Year’s resolutions that brides often make and how you can help them accomplish them:

1. Have an affordable wedding.

No one wants to amass huge debt from a wedding.  Ask how much the bride really has to spend and work with her to create a budget.  Find out what is most important to her – a particular venue, live musicians, great food – and what is of lesser importance, then help her plan accordingly.  Make suggestions that would help lower costs such as having the wedding on a Friday or Sunday, if a vendor’s rates are cheaper on those days, serving a breakfast or brunch instead of dinner, and selecting seasonal flowers and food.  Make sure the bride reviews her budget before she signs any contracts with vendors.

2. Have a schedule and stick to it.

Give the bride a timeline of things she needs to do before the wedding.  Create to-do lists with deadlines for her, if you think she is the type of person who would follow them.  You could also help her by offering to send reminder e-mails or make reminder phone calls.  These could be some of the additional services you offer in your wedding packages.

3. Lose weight before the wedding.

While you can’t and wouldn’t even want to monitor the eating and exercising habits of your brides, you can suggest she get into shape in a healthy manner.  Have fitness instructors and nutritionists in your vendor network who are able to put your bride on the path to healthy living while she creates the body she wants for her wedding day.

Find out what resolutions your bride has personally made concerning her wedding and and discover creative ways to help her accomplish them.

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