Become a Top Wedding Planner – Help Your Bride Select Her Wedding Jewelry


Wedding Jewelry and Accessories at Unveiled Bridal in Walnut Creek, California

The latest episode of the WeTV show Platinum Weddings featured a bride as she chose, with a the help of a personal jewelry consultant from a local jewelry store, $150,000 worth of jewelry to wear with her three wedding dresses and for her family and her attendants to wear at the wedding. Most brides you plan weddings for won’t have access to a personal jewelry consultant or a six-figure jewelry budget so, as a wedding planner, you might have to help your bride select the right jewelry and accessories for her wedding day.

Seven things to remember as you help a bride:

  1. Simple dresses with simple necklines look better with ornate pieces of jewelry than heavily beaded gowns. Jewelry should enhance, not distract from, the design of the dress.
  2. Think beyond a tiara and have the bride try jeweled hairpins.
  3. Don’t feel limited to white diamonds and pearls, brides and bridesmaids now also wear colored stones, such as emeralds and sapphires, if they blend with the color and theme of the wedding.
  4. A bride will be walking, dancing, hugging and kissing, make sure the jewelry that she wears is secure, does not inhibit her movement and looks good from every angle because she will be captured in photos and video all day.
  5. The florist can add crystals or pearls to a wedding bouquet for extra sparkle.
  6. Bridal consultants where the bride purchased her dress can help with jewelry selection and often have may options available to brides.
  7. Also, check for wedding jewelry of all types at wedding accessory stores online and in your local area. I dropped into my local wedding store, Unveiled Bridal, this weekend and they have a fabulous new display of wedding jewelry in their shop which is also available online.

Don’t forget to tell your bride to try on the jewelry with her wedding gown and wedding day hairstyle before the day of her wedding.

And it doesn’t hurt for you to have an extra necklace, pair of earrings, pair of cuff links and adjustable wedding bands in your wedding planner emergency kit, just in case your bride and groom forget their jewelry on their big day.

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