Become a Top Wedding Planner – Hot Pink “Hearts” Theme on “My Fair Wedding”


Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera thought his bride and groom on Sunday’s episode of “My Fair Wedding” had a brilliant wedding concept – love. But their execution left something to be desired. They showed him a table full of tacky items in hot pink, their wedding color, hearts shapes and zebra print, to represent fun.

David kept the concept of love represented by hearts, the hot pink color, and the idea of a fun wedding but, as always, he took it to another level and hopefully you are able to do the same for your brides, even without the seemingly unlimited budget that David has.

David wanted to change the bride’s dress, she even tried on three for him, but she wanted to keep the dress she had bought because she had memories of her family shopping and selecting it with her. He said as a wedding planner he wanted to make everything wonderful but also did not want to crush memories. So, even though he felt his selections were better, he didn’t take away her wedding dress. But he did give her a fun party dress to wear at the reception. The dress was a sparkling strapless party dress with a  skirt of hot pink ruffles. The dress was from Sherri Hill and can be found on their website in white, blue and lavender, as shown below.

The bridesmaids’ dresses were changed from short black cocktail dresses, that looked more suitable for going clubbing, to long hot pink gowns, from Two Birds Bridesmaids, that  can be wrapped and tied in numerous ways to suit the figure of the woman wearing it. (The photo below is from their website.)

They were also given the “Mischa” gold shoe from Paradox London to wear.


The reception was all in shades of pink with lighted spheres, balloons and floral arrangements in the shape of balls, all adding to the feeling of fun. These photos of the reception space are from Balloon Divas.

Notice the centerpieces are filled with “Conversation Hearts,” the popular Valentine candy.

The cake, photograph at the top of this post, by Hansen’s Cakes, was also in pink and one of the layers had the same “Fuchsia Pucci” pattern as the tablecloth from Cloth Connections

The bride told David her wedding was, “more than she could have dreamed of, ever.”

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