Become a Top Wedding Planner – Do DIY Wedding Planning Articles Actually Help You?


“No Planner? No Problem – we’ll help you do it all”

That’s a headline on the cover of the current issue of Brides magazine. The article it refers to offers tips for DIY brides who don’t have a banquet manager or wedding planner to help them. Reading through the tips, they are all ones that you, even if your professional experience may be limited, probably already know.

There are wedding planners who get upset that bridal magazines publish articles such as these. They believe the magazines are discouraging brides from hiring planners. I don’t think so. There will always be brides who want to plan their own weddings because it may be something they enjoy doing, they believe they can save money doing it, they don’t want to give up any control of their wedding day or any number of other reasons.

Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about trying to convert brides who want to do it themselves. Focus on brides who value your services and want to hire you.

By the way, the tips in the magazine may encourage some brides to want to use a wedding planner. The article explains how to position the dance floor, arrange the escort cards, organize the food stations and has detailed instructions for setting up a cake table. The information is detailed and actually may send brides running to you when they see how much work they will have to do on their wedding day.

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