Become a Top Wedding Planner – How Famous Wedding Planners Started


Wedding Planner Enjoying Celebrity Status

I get calls from people who want to become famous as wedding and event planners. While there is nothing wrong with being famous, if their only goal is fame, they might not be good at being planners.

Most successful wedding planners do it because they have a real passion for what they do. They love helping brides have their dream weddings, they love the process of creating, they love details, they love organizing and planning, and they love giving guests a memorable experience. They didn’t necessarily plan to be famous either locally or internationally, they were just doing something they love.

Here is some background on two famous event planner/designers:

Preston Bailey, event designer to celebrities such as the Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Oprah and Joan Rivers, wrote in his book, Preston Bailey’s Design for Entertaining: Inspiration for Creating the Party of Your Dreams, that he started out being involved in fashion, as a model. He then realized his passion for arranging flowers and became a floral designer. He started using flowers as items of decor to enhance design concepts and clients began asking him to design their special events. He did a lot of studying on his own, reading books on design, horticulture, art history and architecture.

David Tutera, event producer who has planned events for Jennifer Lopez, Sir Elton John, and the Prince of Wales, and is the star of “My Fair Wedding” on WEtv, wrote in his book, A Passion for Parties: Your Guide to Elegant Entertaining, that he had actually dreamed of being a movie star. To make some money he started a singing telegram company, delivering songs in a chicken or gorilla suit. He branched out into balloon bouquets and was asked to decorate a party. To do it justice, he had his grandfather, who owned a successful florist shop, teach him floral design and purchasing. His business eventually grew to party planning then event design and production.

Both men first created a business doing something they love, then they did a lot of hard work before they got the clients, money and fame that they have today.

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