Become a Top Wedding Planner – How Much Did You Say That Costs?


Write an Agreement and Get Your Customer's Signature for Additional Services 

Many times when you are planning a wedding, you will be asked to do some things that weren’t in your original contract.  For example, you are doing a “day of” and the bride suddenly decides she needs help putting together the Bridesmaid’s Luncheon.  As long as you have the time to add services, that’s great.  Just be sure you get agreement on the rate that you are charging for the new services.  No customer should be shocked when you hand them your final bill.  When the client requests additional services, put into writing what you will be providing that wasn’t in the original contract and ask them to sign the agreement.  This way both of you are clear that an agreement was made.  If, by some chance, your cleint doesn’t remember when it come time to pay the bill, show them the agreement.  And make sure the person who signs an agreement is the one paying the bill.  You may be working with the bride but if her parents are paying the bill, you will need to get their approval.

Also, it is good if any vendors you work with on the wedding get written agreement on any changes in services and costs.  You want to make sure the wedding hosts are fully aware of how much they are spending at all times.

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