Become a Top Wedding Planner – How NOT to Follow up After a Wedding Fair


Wedding Planner Composing Email to Wedding Fair Attendees

I’ve blogged a few times in the last week or two about the need to follow up after a wedding fair. Well this week a received a few emails from wedding vendors thanking me for visiting them at the wedding fair at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The trouble is, I never attended that wedding fair. The vendors all also exhibited at the wedding fair that I attended on the same day at the Four Seasons Hotel so they must have either blended their attendee lists or gotten them mixed up.

Interestingly enough, these vendors all deliver items for use at a wedding reception. So now I’m thinking, “I’m sure you work on more than one wedding at a time, so how do I know you are going to deliver the correct items to me if you can’t get your mailings right?” This is also what a bride may have thought if she received a thank you for something she never attended. In fact, she may have thought it was spam, not realizing the vendors were at a fair that she did attend.

So learn a lesson from these vendors’ mistake; if you have participated in multiple wedding fairs and do all of your email follow ups at the same time, keep your lists separate and mention the right event when you thank the attendees for visiting your booth. You want to make sure the brides see you as an organized and detail oriented wedding planner, not someone who can’t remember where you met.

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