Become a Top Wedding Planner – How to Follow Up After Networking


Wedding Planner Takes Notes After a Networking Meeting

If you are marketing your wedding planning business with networking, like I outlined in my blog post yesterday and in my article on the networking do’s and don’ts, you’ll find some people that you’ll like to know better and meet with one-on-one.  Here are some actions you can take after the meetings to keep at the top of their minds so they think of you when someone wants a wedding planner:

Send a Handwritten Note

Send a handwritten note, written on your business stationery, right after the meeting.  Few people do this so it will make you will really stand out.  Make it short, thank them for their time and mention something they said during the meeting, or thank  them for a suggestion or a contact name they gave to you, whichever is appropriate.  Make sure you spell the person’s name correctly and check your note for errors before mailing it.

Jot Notes From Your Meeting and Plan More Follow Up

You should always jot down some notes about the meeting so you remember what you talked about.  Also note the date you sent a “thank you” and schedule time to touch bases with this person again either via a phone call or email.

Follow Through with Commitments

If you told the person you would send them information, names of other people they might want to contact, or anything else, be sure you keep your word and follow through.  People do remember when you tell them you will do something for them.  If they gave you information and contact names, follow through with these also and drop them a quick email, call, or note telling them what you did.  People like to know when they have been able to help someone.

These suggestions will be useful not only after a one-on-one networking meeting but also after any informational meetings you have with experienced wedding planners.  Of course, you should also be following up after any meetings with potential clients.  Even if they decided not to hire you, a quick note thanking them for their time is always appropriate and they may remember your professionalism and thoughtfulness when a friend needs a wedding planner.

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