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Your wedding planning business is getting known, you’ve gotten clients, you’ve written proposals and you are meeting with brides in the next few weeks about planning their weddings for next year. You’re good at keeping up with the timeline and details of the weddings that you plan, but are you good at keeping track of potential clients?

You should be keeping track of the brides who contact you and show an interest in hiring you so you can follow up with them in a timely manner. There are software programs you can purchase that help you manage client and prospect information. Some programs are written especially for wedding planners, and they also allow you to track prospects and clients, in addition to helping you organize the wedding. There are also online programs that allow you to input everything on the web so you have access to it from any computer. (Links to programs are for reference, so you know what I’m referring to, they are not endorsements).

If you don’t like using these types of programs, you can create your own forms and spreadsheets to track your potential clients. Here is the information it should include:

  • Name and contact information of the bride and groom along with the date of the wedding.
  • Date of your first contact.
  • How the bride found you – this will help you to track the effectiveness of your marketing – Find out if she contacted you because she saw you at  a bridal show or a networking event. Or, found you on Facebook or Twitter or found your website or blog via a Google search.
  • Date of your first meeting and the results of that meeting.
  • Date  you want to follow up on the meeting, either with a proposal or a call – put this on your calendar to remind you to do it.
  • Date you sent out a proposal.
  • Date you will follow up on the proposal – put this on your calendar. Don’t just send a proposal out hoping the bride will contact you. Follow up with a phone call to make sure she received it and let her know you will contact her again in a few days to discuss it.
  • Date you sent out a contract – make sure your contract states the period of time in which the prices are valid. You don’t want someone contacting you a few weeks before the wedding asking for the same rates that you offered months ago.
  • Date the signed contract is due – put this on your calendar and contact the bride if you have not received a signed contract and a deposit by the due date.
  • Date you received the contract and deposit.

You should always have a clear idea of who your potential clients are and where they are are in the buying process. You don’t want to lose any clients because you aren’t organized and forget to follow up.

If you have followed up a few times and a bride never returns your call or emails, move on. Brides change their minds and don’t always know how to tell a vendor that they are no longer interested.

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    Thank you!! I’ve been tracking my potential clients but I was looking for a better way to do it. This is great!


    Hi Helena,

    Thanks for reading my post. I’m glad it will help you.

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