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I’ve written about the importance of blogging frequently so brides revisit your blog often for new information and because search engines loves fresh content.

But I haven’t mentioned that you also need to keep your blogroll up-to-date. Your blogroll, if you have one, is the list of links you have to other blogs and website that you thinnk will be of interest to your brides. Done properly, it can establish a wedding planner as the “go to” person for information about weddings.

But what I see many wedding planners do is post links in their blogroll, then never look at them again. Brides who come to the blog and click on the links don’t find the helpful information they were looking for and leave frustrated and yoiu never want a bride to think of you or your business as a source of frustratoin.

Here are 5 tips to help you clean up your blogroll and make it useful for brides:

1) Remove broken links

Websites and blogs can easily be moved and removed by their owners. A blogroll full of broken links can cause a bride to believe that you don’t pay attention to details.

2)  Check that the content on the other sites are fresh

Remove links to any blogs that have not been updated recently. You don’t want your brides to go to outdated information which isn’t useful to them.  A bride may see this as a sign that you are not perceptive.

3) Only link to information that is relevant to your brides

Don’t post links just because they belong to a friend. Brides visit your blog to find information that they need for their wedding, they aren’t going to be interested in anything else.

4) Review any links you have from someone who wanted to “exchange” links

Once you have a been blogging for a short time, people may approach you to ask if you want to post their link and they, in turn, will post yours on their site to increase traffic. When you have a link to another site on your blog, brides see it as an endorsement of the other site. So look at any links you may have posted as an “exchange” and remove them if they are not from someone you would personally endorse. Email the link owner and let them know you no longer wish to exchange links.

5) Make sure your own sites are on your blogroll

Don’t forget to add your wedding planning website to your blogroll and, if you have written articles about wedding planning, don’t hesitate to link directly to them so brides will see you as a wedding planning expert.

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