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Wedding Planner Trying to Fix Her Blog

In my last post I discussed blogging for wedding planners.  If you have set up your blog, be sure you take the proper precautions to keep your blog safe.  One of my blogs was hacked recently and I don’t want that to happen to you.

Just to be sure your information is safe, do the following:

Select templates carefully.

There are some very attractive designs for blogs that are available for free download.  Google the name of any templates you want and check to see if there are any comments about the templates regarding  viruses, spam, or inappropriate popup advertising.

Allow comments to be published only after you have viewed them

If you let comments automatically appear as soon as they are sent, you risk having spam messages appear on your blog.  Some messages look innocent, for example, they could be postive comments about your content, but they actually will link the reader to adult sites or viruses.  On Blogger, require that people leaving comments on your blog complete a word verification step, you’ll find this under Settings – Comments.

Back up your content

Make sure you have a copy of your content so, in the event the information disappears, you have a backup copy and can restore it.  Your blog provider, for example Blogger, can provide you with information about backing up.  If you have a blog, download a plugin that allows you to back up.  The person who helped you install your blog will be able to assist you.  You should backup your template design also.

Remember to blog often, 2 times a week or more, to get good search engine positioning.

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