Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn About Brides From TLC's "Four Weddings"


I just got done watching the TLC show that I blogged about yesterday, “Four Weddings”, a reality show in which four brides judge each other’s wedding dress, venue, food and experience, and the winner gets a luxury honeymoon.

Here is some interesting information about brides in this show that might help you, the wedding planner, with your brides:

  • One bride was a “novice”, she had only been to three weddings in her life before planning her own event, and her lack of experience was evident in her choices. If you work with a “novice”, take the time to educate her on what is possible for her wedding that is within her budget.
  • A DIY bride isn’t necessarily on a low budget. The bride, who was creative and designed her own ceremony and reception decor, and her wedding coat, had a $70,000 budget for 150 guests. So don’t assume a bride is on a low budget if she tells you she wants to do a lot of it herself.
  • The same theme can be interpreted in many different ways. Three of the four brides had a “Winter Wonderland” theme but one wanted it to feel “cozy”, another wanted an “enchanted forest” and the third wanted “snowflakes”.

You can still catch replays of the episode this weekend but if you don’t get the show in your area, the videos in this post will give you a sense of what is it like.

The video above features the “Winter Wonderland – Enchanted Florist” designs of the DIY bride.

The video below is of the four brides judging each other’s wedding dresses.

Bride and Groom on the Television Program "Four Weddings" on TLC

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