Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn About Working with Wedding Vendors on “Amazing Wedding Cakes”


This week’s episode of WE tv’s Amazing Wedding Cakes showed the importance of having a network of high quality vendors whose work you respect and whom you can trust to give your clients the best.

Just think,  this is probably the first time a bride has ever selected a venue, talked to a florist, ordered food for a crowd or worked with a cake designer for a cake custom-made to feed perhaps hundreds of people. She needs you to introduce her to the ideas and people who can make her vision happen.

In this week’s episode, a bride and groom went to their wedding planner, Kevin Covey, for a suggestion for a vendor for their cake. He suggested Christopher Garren’s Cakes who created a design of that the couple loved (see sketch above).

When Christopher Garren decided at the last minute that the cake would be better done a little differently than the design the bride approved, he asked Kevin to speak to her for him. Kevin was confident enough to know that Christopher had the interest of the bride in mind and would give her an amazing wedding cake.

Do you have confidence that the vendors you recommend are the best at what they do? Are they customer focused and have the bride and groom’s best interests in mind, like you do? Do you have good working relationships with them and are you repectful of each other’s opinons?

You should be able to answer “yes” to these questions. If not, decide if you really want to share clients or if you are ready to add new vendors to your network.

The video below is the sneak preview from the show which airs throughout the week. (You can learn more about the cheese wheel cheesecake on the Merci Beaucoup Blog.)

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