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The TLC show “Four Weddings” returned for it’s third season on Friday night. This is the show in which four brides, who are strangers, agree to attend and judge each other’s weddings on the basis of food, dress, venue, originality, and overall experience. It’s interesting to hear what bothers guests at weddings. The brides are very critical guests, because they are in competition with each other, but their comments can still offer insights into what might be important to guests.

Here are some of the thoughts of the brides about the others’ weddings that might help you when planning your weddings:

1) Wedding time and location was important

One bride had her wedding on a Sunday evening and the reception ran very late into the night, causing many guests to leave early. (Some brides now pick Sundays because they can get lower rates at wedding venues. If your bride has chosen a Sunday, calculate the time the ceremony and reception would last and keep in mind that many guests have school or work the next day.)

One bride had her wedding near a train station and the other brides counted the length of the ceremony in terms of how many trains passed the church. (If a bride’s church is near a train station or airport, let her know of the possible problems so she can make a decision about whether or not it would be a concern for her.)

2) They did not enjoy a ceremony in a language they did not understand

One bride had a Greek wedding in which English was not spoken and no explanations were given. (If a number of guests do not speak the language, consider suggesting someone explain the ceremony or explain it in the program.)

3) They loved it when a theme was thoroughly carried out

One bride had her wedding in a vineyard and had a wine theme. Her invitations had grapes, her ceremony archways had grapes, her unity ceremony was the pouring of a red wine and a white wine into one glass and her table centerpieces had flowers, oranges and grapes.

Another bride had a winter wonderland themed wedding. She carried her theme out in the sparkles in her dress, the lighting, centerpieces, and the snowball placecard holders.

4) They appreciated personal touches

Whether in the vows or the decor, the brides enjoyed seeing the personalities of the couples woven in throughout the day.

5) They paid a lot of attention to the cocktail hour

They liked a wide variety of food.

They did not like waiting in long lines or maneuvering in a crowded room for a place to enjoy their cocktails.

Also, one cocktail hour was outdoors when the weather was actually too cold for guests to be comfortable. (You may be able to make the area warmer with outdoor heaters but in colder weather there could also be issues with wind or rain so it might be best to plan an indoor event.)

6) They were critical of reception food

One bride felt that a couple of the weddings served “wedding food” that was bland or overcooked.

All of the brides commented on a bride’s lobster bisque soup that was garnished with a lobster – they didn’t want to look at the animal they were eating. (In some cultures it is traditional to show the entire animal when you serve it which may not appeal to some guests. In this case, the bride just thought it was a clever idea.)

It is important that a bride have the wedding she wants but if you notice details that could be a concern for her guests and might effect her on the wedding day, bring it to her attention with some alternative suggestions and let her make the final decision.

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