Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn the Do's and Dont's of Exhibiting from the International Wedding Fair


Mandap by Floramor Studios - International Wedding Festival

It’s still wedding fair season and yesterday I visited another one, the International Wedding Festival at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. The event was targeted at brides interested in having weddings that incorporate South Asian traditions. So, exhibitors included traditional wedding vendors such as cake designers, florists, photographers, and makeup artists, along with Chinese Lion Dancers, companies with traditional South Asia wedding attire and accessories, and a Henna artist.

I got an opportunity to see and taste the amazing cakes of Tracy Auseklis of The Buttercream Studio. I know some of you who are my Facebook Fans are also Fans of The Buttercream Studio. I first saw her cakes at the San Francisco Wedding Fair. She contacted me after she saw photographs of her cakes on my blog and we have been email friends since.

Here is a photo I took of Tracy in her exhibit:

Tracy Auseklis - The Buttercream Studio - International Wedding Festival

Notice that Tracy’s tables are behind her. She and her staff stood in front of their tables greeting people and offering samples. They had portfolios of photographs of their cakes available to people to browse through. They wore matching aprons with their names so attendees knew who they were when there was a crowd of people in their booth. Their booth was one of the busiest at the show because they engaged people in a friendly way. They were a model of exhibiting “Do’s“.

From my observations at the wedding fair, here are 5 exhibiting “Don’ts“:

1) Don’t be late

Brides would not trust a wedding planner who can’t be somewhere on time. Be in you booth, set up and ready to greet people as soon as the doors open.

2) Don’t work the booth alone

Hire someone to work with you. Exhibits are usually four to five hours long and you need to be able to take breaks and spend some time checking out the fair. Make sure the person you hire to work with you is knowledgeable about your business, is familiar with the weddings you have done, knows the services that you offer and can answer questions.

3) Don’t fill your booth with staff members

If you do get help, don’t bring them all at once. I wanted to find out more about one particular vendor but their small booth was so crowded with members of their own company, all wearing logo jackets, that I couldn’t get in.

4) Don’t talk or text on your cell phone during the show

Brides will not come up to talk with you if you appear to be too busy for them.

5) Don’t sit behind a table and stare at people as they go by

Set up your booth so you can be in front of your table. I often ask for higher tables, the show management can easily do this by attaching PVC pipes to the legs of regular tables, making them about 42″ high. This way people don’t have to bend down as far to fill out a form or to look at anything I’ve placed on the tables. And, yes, unfortunately, you do need to stand to greet people and engage them in conversation so make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

I received an email from Tracy this morning that this event was not well-attended but she was able to meet some new vendors and is looking forward to exchanging referrals with them in the future.

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