Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn the Latest Trends in Cocktails


The latest issue of Special Events magazine has an article on the newest trends in cocktails.

Here are 3 trends as seen by the beverage specialists at some of the top hotels:

1) Cocktails that were popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Manhattans and mojitos, but with a modern twist

Drinks are being made with fresh herbs, fresh juices and premium label brands.

2) A combination cocktail and dessert

Harrah’s Las Vegas serves a “Green Hornet” that is an apple-based cocktail with cotton candy garnish. Caesars Palace Las Vegas serves a “Lemon Meringue Cocktail.”

3) The use of organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables

As people are now asking for catering with organic and local foods, they now also want them  in their cocktails. They are enjoying cocktails that have fresh fruits and vegetables as the body of the drink, not just as the garnish.

You can learn more and get drink recipes at Special Events magazine’s website.

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