Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn Wedding Planning Ideas from “Four Weddings”


Friday night’s episode of the TLC show, “Four Weddings”, the show in which four brides judge each others’ weddings with the winner getting a luxury honeymoon, again gave insights into what makes a wedding great from a guest’s point of view.

Some observations that might help you plan better weddings:

There is such a thing as “too much”

One bride had a very lavish, black-tie optional, wedding that the other brides that felt was nice but “too over-the-top.” With cocktail receptions both before and after the ceremony, then a full sit-down dinner and huge dessert buffet, there was too much to eat. Also, by the time dinner was served, it was midnight and it seemed to one guest bride that it was too late to eat dinner. The wedding did not end until 2am.

There is nothing wrong with a lavish wedding, but you might need to remind your bride that she may not want her wedding to last too far into the night.

Food presentation and taste is important

One bride wasn’t that concerned about the food at her wedding and it showed, the food was poorly presented and seemed to one guest bride to taste like something you microwave.

Food may not be a major concern to your bride but guests always remember the food so work with your bride to select a good caterer.

Consider the pitfalls when the bride selects to have her wedding on a yacht

One bride chose to have her wedding on a beach-like yacht. There was limited space on the ship so everyone was not able to sit during the ceremony and the reception. Also, guests had to juggle their plates of food on their laps because there wasn’t enough room for tables.

This type of ship is great fun for an informal wedding, just make sure guests know they will be on a cruise. One guest bride got seasick so be prepared for people who could suffer from motion sickness. Also like any outdoor wedding, you need to be prepared for rain, wind, heat and cold.

The bride needs to make a conscious decision about alcohol

One bride did not serve alcoholic beverages and the guest brides found the event a bit boring. On the other hand, guests got out of hand when there was an open bar, as seen in the video above. Talk to your bride about the pros and cons of serving alcoholic beverages so she can make an informed decision about what she wants to serve.

The photo below is of the  Tikki Beach party boat in Miami, Florida where one of the four brides had her wedding.

The show will be rebroadcast during the next week so check the listings on TLC’s website.

Tikki Beach Yacht was a venue on "Four Weddings"

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    Does anybody know what episode and season this was? I’ve been trying to find the video for this episode all day. Thanks!


    Tikki Beach has a new website and phone number:
    305 579-8444

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