Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn What NOT to Do When Working with a Bride from BravoTV’s “Bethenny Getting Married?”


Last week’s episode of BravoTV’s “Bethenny Getting Married?” showed Bethenny Frankel meeting and working with her wedding planner, Shawn Rabideau.

It was quite a stressful experience for Shawn and you don’t want any experience with your client to be like this:

-Bethenny asked Shawn if he knew about the cotton candy at The Four Season Restaurant, he said he knew, but she realized he wasn’t telling the truth.

-She wanted her wedding at  The Four Season Restaurant, or at least a classic, iconic New York location, and he took her to a “white warehouse.”

-She wanted a “social restaurant” or “club” atmosphere and he didn’t agree, suggesting instead traditional round tables.

You may be thinking, “Didn’t he listen to her?” “Why did he always disagreed with her?” “These can’t be the right things to do!”

True, clearly you should be honest with your clients. You won’t know everything and people can easily tell when you are lying. And, taking your client to a place that is the total opposite of what they wanted and constantly disagreeing with them is not helpful and could probably put you out of business pretty quickly.

Shawn addresses all of these issues in his blog. He explains how he typically works with his brides and how this situation of planning a wedding in four weeks, in front of a television camera, with a client he didn’t even know (her assistant found him on The Knot) caused him to do and say things that were out of character for him.

In tomorrow’s episode, Shawn has to tell a stressed, time-crunched Bethenny that she needs her divorce papers in order to get a marriage license. Also, he suggests he take control of the wedding planning and she refuses.

You can see the preview of the show below (sorry about the commercial – I can’t get rid of it).

Thanks to Nicole at BravoTV for providing the video.

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