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 Do your marketing action plans for having a successful wedding planning business seem like a lot of work? People in other professions feel that way too.

I was at a holiday party for a business networking group. People were interested in the fact that I had written an ebook and was active on the web. They didn’t have blogs. A few of them had Facebook accounts but basically were not active on social media sites. The general feeling was it took too much time and was a lot of work. What these folks weren’t realizing is that blogging, participating on social media sites, and any offline networking they participate in, should be thought of as just things they do in order to generate business.

As a wedding planner, think about it this way, you love to plan weddings. The only way you are going to get to do that is have clients. The only way to have clients is to do the marketing that brings them in.

Once you get your mind thinking this way about marketing, schedule your tasks on your calendar and make marketing tasks part of your work day routine. Soon you will find that ideas for your blog will flow easily and places to network and people to network with, both online and offline, will come to mind easily too.


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