Become a Top Wedding Planner – Market to Brides Who Use Hotels as Wedding Venues


Wedding Planner Explains the Benefits of Her Services

I noticed at recent bridal fairs that many hotels are making themselves more attractive venues for weddings. Hotels, like the Four Seasons in San Francisco, offer full-service packages and perks such a free suite for the newlyweds and discounted room rates for members of the wedding and guests. An article in the March/April 2010 issue of Special Events magazine addressed this topic.

However, as the article pointed out couples can still benefit from the services of a wedding planner even if the hotel offers wedding packages.

Here are 4 reasons why a bride should hire you when she is considering a hotel as a venue:

1) You can negotiate rates

Make sure you have hotels in your network of vendors, get to know the catering and sales team and the wedding specialist, if they have one, so you can work with them on behalf of your brides to get good rates.

2) You can explain hotel policies

Every hotel has different policies about what is included in their wedding packages, including the use of their rooms, the service, food and the on-site wedding coordinator. A bride is usually not experienced in reading contracts or understanding what the terms may mean to her until she has already invested her money. You can be there to interpret the fine print for her.

3) You can work with the hotel chef and catering staff or be the liaison for the outside caterer

With your experience, you can help the bride work with the hotel chef to create a customized menu. Or, because some hotels now allow outside caterers (locally I know the Westin St. Francis and W San Francisco, does this, check with hotels win your area) for cultural weddings, such as Chinese or Indian, you can coordinate between the hotel and the bride’s chosen, pre-approved caterer.

4) You can work with your network of vendors to customize a hotel ballroom

A hotel ballroom can be transformed into a space that looks custom-designed for the bride with your talent and the help of your network of vendors. The bride won’t have to worry about her wedding looking like that of others who have used the space or be stressed about having to find the people who can help her make her vision a reality, if she works with you.

You offer valuable services no matter what type of venue a bride selects so always let them know how hiring you would be of great benefit to them.

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