Become a Top Wedding Planner – Market Your Wedding Planning Business at Social Events


When you are starting your wedding planning business, you might think that you need to spend all of your time doing things such as networking at business events, posting on Facebook, and setting up your business. Yes, all of those things are important and necessary. But don’t neglect your need to get out, have some fun and spread the word about your business at social events. Some of my best customers came from contacts that I made at parties I attended.

Here are 7 tips for successfully networking at social events:

1) Be prepared to give a short sentence about what you do

You don’t want to just say, “I’m a wedding planner” when someone asks what you do. Instead, say something like, “I help brides have the weddings of their dreams on a budget.”  This will lead the other person to ask, “How do you do that?” and give you an opportunity to talk more about your wedding planning business and give examples of what you have done.

2) Keep your conversation upbeat and positive

Speak well of your clients and the wedding business in general. Don’t gossip and talk about bad experiences or talk about bridezillas.

3) Be a good listener

People appreciate people who show an interest in them. Give the other person an opportunity to talk about themselves and what they do. People actually remember people more when they have been given an opportunity to talk about themselves.

4) Don’t worry about meeting everyone

Many people go to both business and social events with a goal of how many people they want to meet. Your goal should be to make quality connections with a few people whom you would like to get to know better in the future.

5) Dress appropriately and well

Remember that you always want to look your best no matter what type of event you are attending, even a child’s soccer game or a friend’s backyard barbeque.

6) Carry business cards

People won’t necessarily remember your name after the first time you meet so make sure you have cards handy and give one out when asked. And don’t forget to ask them for their cards also.

 7) Follow up with a note

If you have met someone with whom you’d like to network with in the future, follow up with a quick note and suggest having coffee to learn more about each other and share ideas.

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