Become a Top Wedding Planner – Marketing to Brides With Your Stories


A wedding planner recently wrote asking what to write and say about her services that would make her stand out. She was was afraid she didn’t sound different from other wedding planners.

She is right, a lot of brides complain that all wedding planners sound the same in their marketing materials. In order to stand out, you need to share stories about work you have done in the past that highlight your expertise. This makes it easier for the bride, and anyone who might refer you, to understand your services and your style and know what you can do.

I know I have mentioned this before but I’ll do a review here with a couple of examples of  how to write or tell your stories:

1) If you did a “day of” wedding coordination

Tell them how you took charge of the day by contacting vendors before hand so you, not the bride, was the point of contact on the wedding day. Talk about any lists and timelines you created so the day ran smoothly and how you coordinated all of the vendors. Let potential clients know how well you relieved the bride pof stress on her wedding day.

2) If you came up with creative ideas on how to carry out the wedding theme

Tell the story of how you worked with a bride to create the theme wedding of her dreams. The research you did, how you came up with ideas, how you had contacts with vendors to make it happen, how you kept her vision and made it bigger and more memorable, while keeping it all within her budget.

Some rules about stories that are good to follow:

  • Leave out names of clients
  • Elaborate but don’t feel you need to include every detail
  • Be honest, don’t invent, you want to tell stories, not fairy tales

You have knowledge and expertise that is unique to you, make sure you let people know how well those things help you plan fabulous weddings for your brides.

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