Become a Top Wedding Planner – Marketing to Your Niche – Brides Who Are Professional Working Women


When I recently asked a few wedding planners what their niches were, they, separately, told me the same thing, “professional women who are too busy to plan their weddings themselves.”

This is a good place to start, but it’s very broad. There are many professions and it’s best if you narrow this category down even more and determine which professions you want to target.

Are your brides attorneys? Doctors or nurses? Teachers? Are they entrepreneurs or do they work for someone else? 

If you narrow down your niche to brides in a one or two professions, it will be easier for you to learn about them, identify their needs, create the services that will meet those needs, and market successfully to them. You’ll also be known as the expert wedding planner for brides in their field and they will seek you out.

Here 7  things you can easily learn about a narrow niche and how you can use that information:

1) What stresses them the most about planning their weddings

You need to find out what wedding planning problem keeps them awake at night. They may be most concerned about getting everything done on time with a busy schedule. Or, if they are in an artistic field, they may want everything to look perfect and need to find the vendors who can do it. Or, maybe it’s that they have had to spend so much time getting their degrees and working at a high-powered job that they don’t even know what they are supposed to do to plan a wedding.

When you know the problem that stresses them the most, you can address it in your marketing. Then they will see that you are speaking directly to them and know that you are someone who understands and can help them.

2) The best way to market to them

If you find that they prefer doing business with someone they know in person, you can focus your time and energy on getting out and networking.

If they like to find everything they need on the Internet, make sure you are highly visible everywhere online with a website, blog, articles, and videos.

3) The best social network to reach them

If you target a few specific professions, you will learn where to devote the time and energy you spend on social networking sites. For example, you might discover that your brides network on LinkedIn not Facebook or Twitter, so you can concentrate your efforts on building your profile and connections there.

4) How they like to receive electronic information

If you discover they like to read information on the Internet, blog more often and write articles that give them wedding planning tips that speak to their needs. You can post articles on your site and on article sites such as ezinearticles in order to get more exposure.

If they watch a lot of videos, fill you YouTube channel with videos that showcase your wedding planning expertise.

If they listen to their iPods, create podcasts.

If they commute, they may have eReaders, like a Kindle or The Nook, so create some products to sell on for the Kindle and for The Nook.

5) What professional associations they belong to

There are professional organizations, for example Women in Technology or National Association of Women Business Owners, and Meetup Groups that you can visit and/or join to network with brides in your niche.

6) Their non-professional interests

Can you find them in the gym? On the golf course? In a gourmet cooking class? In a dog park?

You want to be familiar with their interests and join them in their social activities to get to know them.

You can sponsor fundraising events that support their charitable interests to get your name out in front of them.

7) There are enough potential clients to support your business

As you do your research you need to determine that there are enough potential customers to make the time, energy and money you invest in attracting your target audience worthwhile. For example, if you discover that most women in the profession are married, you will want to find a different niche.

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