Become a Top Wedding Planner – Marketing Your Business with Ideas from Brides Magazine


As a wedding planner, you probably read bridal magazines to get inspiration and ideas for planning weddings, to know what your brides are reading and because you just love to get all of the information you can about your passion, weddings.

You should also be reading it to find out the concerns your brides are having that you maybe able to address in your marketing.

There is a “Planning” section in Brides magazine and, in the June 2010 issue, there is an article entitled, “No Regrets,”  in which recently married women shared their wedding planning mistakes.

Here are 3 of their mistakes that you can help brides avoid:

1) They were their own wedding planner

They were not able to enjoy their day because they were worried about things like the seating plan. If a bride hires you to do a day-of coordination, you can take care of this for her and handle any other issues that come up so she doesn’t get stressed.

2) They didn’t do a seating chart

It can be a nightmare of seat-saving, seat-jockeying chaos if guests aren’t at least directed to specific tables. You could certainly help them create a seating chart, escort cards and place cards.

3) From the the time they were engaged, they spent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, planning their wedding day

If you handle their wedding, you could take over all or any of the details of the wedding, leaving them to enjoy their engagement, work and have a life.

You can read the entire article, and perhaps come up with more ways you can save brides from regret, in the June 2010 issue of Brides magazine.

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