Become a Top Wedding Planner – Marketing Your Wedding Planning Business with Printed Materials


As wedding planners, you’re spending a good deal of time marketing online with websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But that doesn’t mean you can skip having printed marketing materials that you can give to others when you network or exhibit in bridal shows and wedding expos.

Here are the basics you’ll want to have on hand:

  • Business cards with your contact information that you carry with you at all times
  • Letterhead with envelopes that you can use for business letters, proposals and contracts. Some planners also use them for invoicing, if they are not using QuickBooks to do their accounting.
  • A simple brochure or one-page sheet that gives basic information about the features and benefits of your services and asks people to contact you.
  • Note cards for jotting quick thank you notes to people you have met with or who have used your services.(If you are on a very tight budget, you might want to get these later.)

If you need help with designing your materials and don’t have any local contacts, you can go online and look for freelance designers at places like or and place your project up for bid. Or, go to design contest websites, such as and, and hold a contest for designers to submit ideas for your review. Make sure you know your target market, the style and mood you want to project, the colors you want to use and how much you can spend. (Ask designers to provide you with the Photoshop or Illustrator original file as part of your project requirements and 300ppi versions for printing.)

As far as printing goes, check your neighborhood printers or office supply stores for good deals or go online, you’ll find many high-quality printers who can deliver as quickly as a local business. Order only as may business cards and letterhead that you think you might need in a year, not for the life of your company. Anything that has information about your services or lists your prices should be ordered in very small quantities, enough to get you through a few months, and not much more. Chances are good you will want to update the information and you don’t want to waste money on materials that you may end up tossing in a short time.

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