Become a Top Wedding Planner – Maybe the Bride Just Isn't That Into You


Waiting by the Phone

Last weekend I saw the movie “He’s Not That Into You”.  One female character would give a man her number then wait by the phone for him to call while obsessing over every detail of their meeting.  Wedding planners often do something similar.  They meet a bride, have a conversation about planning her wedding, maybe even create a proposal, then sit by the phone or check email constantly, not wanting to miss talking to the bride and picking her up as a client.  When they don’t hear, they start calling and emailing, leaving messages to let the bride know she is available and but she never hears back.

I have nothing against being persistent.  However I am against being desperate.  Follow up, place a call or send an email but don’t appear like you don’t have anything better to do.  A bride might not call because she is not ready to make a decision, she has decided a planner is not in her budget, she has chosen a different wedding planner or she just doesn’t how to tell someone she isn’t interested.  Don’t take it personally, not every client is right for you.  Just count the time as a learning experience move on.

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