Become a Top Wedding Planner – Monitor Your Facebook Pages


As a wedding planner, Facebook is a way for you and your business to get visibility. By now you probably have a personal page and a “Fan” or “Like” page for your business. Are you monitoring them for inappropriate postings, tags and comments from your friends?

Today I was reading the “Wall” on my personal page and saw a photograph that was totally inappropriate that I had to remove. Apparently a wedding planner, who is my friend, had a friend who tagged this photo with his name. It appeared not only on the wedding planner’s wall but also the wall of everyone he is friends with. Yikes!

Like it or not, you could be judged by the comments, photos and tags that your friends label with your name.

Make sure your friends understand that your site is also viewed by your clients and potential clients and you need their interactions to be professional. They might want to think about that for themselves, their potential clients, clients and employers are probably reading their sites too.

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