Become a Top Wedding Planner – More Inspiration and 5 Exhibitor Tips from a Luxury Wedding Fair


Wedding Cake by The Buttercream Studio

My last blog post featured photographs of cakes from the San Francisco Wedding Fair and I wanted to correct the information about the baker and designer. The person who did those beautiful cakes was Tracy Auseklis of The Buttercream Studio. She makes most of the wedding cakes for the Four Seasons San Francisco and for this event worked closely with the florist and event designer and the hotel to create the cakes. Above is the one she did to match the Four Seasons themed table, designed by Floramor,below.

Wedding Reception Tabletop with Four Seasons Hotel Theme by Floramor

In addition to this wonderful display of tabletops and cakes, the fair did, of course, have the regular set up of vendor booths.

Sparkling Wine Tower by Moet & Chandon.

Wedding Toasts from the Moet Tower

Booth of florist Natalini Flowers by Crispy.

Wedding Bouquets at Natalini Flowers by Crispy

CocoaBella Chocolates – notice the monogrammed favor boxes on the right.

Wedding Chocolates by CocoaBella Chocolates

Here are 5 exhibiting tips from observations I made during the show:

  1. Be sure you are set up and ready to go as soon as the doors open. Even though shows run 4 to 5 hours long, most people get there early and you want to be prepared.
  2. Don’t be an exhibitor if you aren’t ready to get customers. I found a company that had very unique designs for menus and invitations. I looked them up when I got back from the fair and they only have a temporary website that doesn’t show their products – so I can’t tell you about them!
  3. Get a regular sized space. I noticed that exhibitors that had smaller spaces were ignored. They really needed the room to spread out and showcase their products and services, people go to fairs looking to be “wowed”. If you’re not sure whether or not to participate, it might be best to not exhibit rather than get a small space that makes it difficult for you to stand out.
  4. Chose your space wisely. Exhibitors lined the hallway and they were busy when the fair opened but once people had entered the main room, they weren’t busy.
  5. Brides like to taste, touch, see, and try things on. The most popular vendors were caterers, bakers, florists, photographers, and jewelers so you will be competing with them for visitors to your booth.

I’ve mentioned in an article that you really need to study a wedding fair opportunity closely before you spend the time, energy and money being an exhibitor. If you are new to the business, don’t rush in, visit the fair and see if it would be right for you in the future. You might decide that it is a good place to bring a client to see different possibilities for catering, flowers, and cakes. Also it is a good place for you to meet potential vendor partners.

Have you had an exhibit for your wedding services at a wedding or bridal fair? If so, what were your results? I recently noticed comments on Facebook and Twitter about whether or not it has been worth it to be an exhibitor. Please comment below about your experiences.

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