Become a Top Wedding Planner – More Outdoor Wedding Lessons from TLC’s “Four Weddings”



Tonight was the season finale of TLC’s show, “Four Weddings,” and this episode, like last week’s, gave us lessons in what not to do at outdoor weddings.

Here are some outdoor wedding don’ts from the show:

1) Don’t make guests stand

One of the brides had an outdoor wedding location that did not allow chairs, so the guests had to stand throughout the ceremony. Many brides may not realize that guests will not be comfortable standing throughout their ceremonies, and some guests may not even be able to do it, especially on uneven grassy areas. Help your brides select their venues with this in mind and help them accommodate the needs of their guests as much as possible.

2) Don’t use a site that has animal droppings

Not only did guests have to stand at the ceremony mentioned above, they had to stand in an area that had goose poop. Guests do not appreciate this, especially when wearing long dresses and high heels. Make sure you and the bride do a thorough inspection of an outdoor ceremony site before signing a contract. If there are animals that normally roam the site, find out what the venue does about cleaning the area before events. Also find out if there is a possibility that animals will be in the area during the ceremony. Geese, in particiular, are not friendly and could pose a safety hazard.

3) Don’t have a cocktail hour outside if weather might be an issue

The temperature drops as the sun goes down. If a cocktail reception might take place afterdark, consider planning the event indoors do guests don’t get too cold.

4) Don’t forget to warn guests if they will have to walk on dirt roads

Like last week’s episode, one bride’s guests had to walk a dirt road to get to the ceremony. If the wedding is in a rural location, warn guests so they wear appropriate clothes and shoes.

Also, at this wedding guests had to sit in low benches rather than chairs. If this is the case for your bride, she should let guests who have back issues know in advance so they can plan accordingly.

Brides rely on your knowledge to help give their guests a great expereince at their weddings. Watching wedding shows can often give you ideas on what you should and shouldn’t do for the weddings that you plan. 

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