Become a Top Wedding Planner – More Wedding Planning Ideas from “Four Weddings”


As a wedding planner, the TLC television show, “Four Weddings,” the show in which four brides judge each others’ weddings with the winner getting a luxury honeymoon, can give you a glimpse of what can go wrong at weddings and help you plan to avoid similar disasters for your brides.

Here are some ideas from the episode that aired on Friday:

1) Just because the wedding is in a warm climate, doesn’t mean you can have a beach wedding in the Winter

Weather can be very unpredictable, even in Miami, Florida where the weddings in this episode took place, it was too cold to be out. When you plan an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a Plan B in which the wedding can take place indoors, if necessary.

2) Don’t make guests wait in long lines for food

If the bride has decided on a buffet, talk to the venue about how it can be laid out to get people through the line as quickly as possible. For instance, is there room for the buffet tables to be set in such as way that people would be able to form a line on both sides? If so, are the tables wide enough to accommodate food on both sides? Ask questions, sometimes the venue doesn’t think about the problems with the lines.

3) Make sure you have enough food

You don’t want to run out of food like one of the bride’s did at her wedding. Work with the bride to get an accurate count of the number of guests. Also speak to the caterer about what could be done should more guests arrive than the bride anticipated. Running out of food is usually the biggest concern when a buffet serving style is used. It can be difficult to anticipate how much guests will put on their plates but a good experienced caterer should be able to help you.

4) Take safety precautions if the bride wants to use an aisle runner

One bride had an outdoor tropical wedding and used an aisle runner of fake grass. She tripped on it a few times. It’s easy for a high heel to pierce through an aisle runner. If your bride is using one at an outdoor wedding, check to see if it would be safe to put a solid surface, such as plywood, under it to prevent a heel catching and going through a fabric or runner of fake grass.

The photo above is of three of the brides eating crackers, the only food they could get their hands on at the reception of the fourth bride. They later ordered take-out and had it delivered to themselves at the reception.

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