Become a Top Wedding Planner – More Wedding Planning Ideas from “Four Weddings”


The Channel Club, Location of a Wedding on "Four Weddings"

The TLC show, “Four Weddings”, the show in which four brides judge each others’ weddings with the winner getting a luxury honeymoon, again gave insights into what makes a wedding great from the point of view of the guest brides. This time there was a 1940’s themed wedding, a Jewish Orthodox wedding, a community focused wedding with lots of entertainment and a dance party.

Here are 4 ideas from the show that might help you plan better weddings:

1) Don’t make guests wait too long before serving the food

One bride had a ceremony in the gymnasium of her church so guests did not have to travel for the reception. However, because guests had to be carefully checked in, it was an hour before they got into the reception. There were then a series of dance performances for entertainment making it another hour before guests were served. By that time people were very hungry and felt there was not enough food.

If guests are going to have to wait before the meal, plan a cocktail party and serve some appetizers so guests don’t go hungry.

2) Make sure the food is easy to eat

One bride served appetizers that needed to be cut with a knife but did not provide any.

It is best to serve “finger food” and items that can easily eaten with a fork.

3) Check the size of the dance floor

At one reception, the dance floor was too small for the number of guests who were dancing. They were bumping into each other and stepping on each others’ toes, it felt chaotic to the guest brides.

Talk to the venue about the number the dance floor can hold at one time, speak to the bride about how active she thinks her guests might be and plan accordingly.

4) Guests like weddings that show the personality of the bride and groom

The bride who won personalized her ceremony by leading a parade of woman drumming and dancing from her apartment to the church. She sang when you made her entrance at the ceremony and she closed her reception with a heartfelt speech.

Suggest your bride and groom add touches of their personality into their weddings.

The photo above is of the The Channel Club, located in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, where one of the four brides had her wedding.

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