Become a Top Wedding Planner – Outdoor Wedding Lessons from TLC’s “Four Weddings”


Are you working with a bride to plan a wedding that takes place during the warm Spring and Summer months? If it is outdoors, you need to pay extra attention to details to give guests a good experience. In last Friday’s episode of “Four Weddings,” one of the brides had her wedding outdoors at her family’s 250 acre horse farm and the other three brides had some issues with this location.

Here is what bothered the guest brides and what you might do in similar circumstances to avoid the problems:

1) The path to the wedding ceremony site

Gravel and stilettos don’t mix. If your bride’s ceremony site includes a long walk  on an unpaved area, make sure you suggest she lets her guests know in advance. They will want to prepare by wearing or bringing the appropriate shoes. And, check to see if you might need to rent a golf cart and hire a driver to get some guests, who have mobility issues, safely to the site.

2) The smell and the flies

A farm location can be rustic and charming but it is not without its downsides. There is little you can do about the smell and flies when the wedding is held when right on the farmland itself. Let your bride know that this will be a problem and although she may be accustomed to these things, her guests may not and may not enjoy the event as much as she would hope.

3) Portable toilets

If the outdoor location demands that you rent portable restroomss for the wedding, know that there are upscale ones with amenities such as sinks and lighting. You can look them up in Google (check portable toilets or portable restrooms for weddings) or ask your tent rental company for a referral. By the way, if you are renting a number of toilets for the wedding, think about renting a tent that encloses the entire portable restroom area so they are out of view during a ceremony or reception.

The reception for this wedding took place elsewhere so thankfully these issues weren’t a problem later in the day.

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