Become a Top Wedding Planner – Overcome Shyness to Market Your Business


Last week I wrote a post giving tips on being confident. One new wedding planner told me she read it and she is confident when she is planning a wedding, since she concentrates on her work, and does ok on most meetings with brides but networking among people she doesn’t know is sometimes a problem and so is doing bridal shows.

The truth is, some of your clients will come from family and friends, but in order to have a successful business you are going to have to get out and market your services to people you haven’t met. Yes, today a lot of marketing can be done online over the Internet, but you still need to get out and meet new people to bring in new clients and new vendor partners.

A lot of people that you meet at networking events and who exhibit in bridal shows are shy, they just know how to overcome their shyness and talk to strangers anyway.

Here are 5 tips for handling shyness:

1) Prepare in advance

Like preparing for a meeting, you can prepare for networking events in advance by deciding what you are going to say about yourself and your services. Create a 30 second “elevator speech” to introduce yourself and the benefits of your services to another person. Practice saying it to aloud to friends, if it helps you.

As far as preparing to speak to attendees in a bridal show, think about how much your services can help the brides who visit your booth and how you would tell them about it. You don’t have to give a hard sales pitch, just be yourself.

2) Concentrate on the other person

Listen and ask questions. Focusing on the other person will help you take your mind off of your anxiety.

3) Remember that the worse that can happen is they are not interested or say “no”

At a networking event, most people will be fairly polite and listen to you because they also want you to listen to them and refer or buy their products and services.

At a bridal show, a bride may ask you questions, take a brochure and walk away (she may be shy also) or she may not want an appointment with you, but probably it won’t get worse than “no.”  

4) It’s never personal

When a bride is disinterested or turns down an appointment, remember it is not about you. They may just be “window shopping,” asking questions before they plan their own do-it-yourself wedding, or not yet ready to commit to a wedding planner. Thank them for their time and move onto the next person, don’t dwell on what you “should have said.”

5) You have to practice

The more you get out and meet with others, the easier it will become and the more success you will bring to your business.

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