Become a Top Wedding Planner – Overcoming The Chatter in Your Head


I hear from people who tell me that they have been dreaming of becoming top wedding planners and are ready to set goals to make it happen. Others, who already have wedding planning businesses, want to grow their businesses by adding products and services. They are all intelligent, capable people who can be very successful at achieving what they want.

However, there is a lot of chatter going on in their heads that tells them:

-You’re too young or too old

-You’re not smart enough

-You don’t know how to do that

-You don’t have the time to start something new

-There is nothing wrong with what you are doing now, why try something new?

And, they are letting this chatter get in their way of moving forward.  

Everyone hears chatter, even the successful people whom you admire.  But successful people recognize it for what it is, imagination and self-doubt trying to stop them from moving forward. They don’t waste their energy listening to it.

The chatter isn’t going to go away. Just set your goals and take the action you need to move forward, it’s the only way you will make your dreams become realities.

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