Become a Top Wedding Planner – “Passport to Africa” Theme on “My Fair Wedding”



On Sunday’s “My Fair Wedding,” celebrity wedding planner David Tutera had the challenge of working with a bride who had trouble relinquishing control. She was an aspiring wedding planner who was trying to plan the perfect wedding so she could use it as an example to others of her skills. David reminded her that the show is all about him making revisions to a bride’s vision. She needed to trust him and be the bride, not the wedding planner. 

The bride’s theme was “Passport to Africa” and she loved zebras so, like many brides, she had spent a large portion of her budget on small decorative items, and hers were all in a zebra print. She had zebra print on the ties for the groom and groomsmen, on the Kleenex boxes, flip-flops and everything else. Even the bridesmaids dresses had zebra bodices and straps, and they were planning to wear them with matching zebra shoes.

David took her idea and made it much bigger. He did incoporate her love of zebras into her wedding, but in smaller but impactful ways, such as the candles on the table, the lampshades, the custom trim on the linens, and he changed the venue to a place that had real zebras on the property, Rancho La Lomas.  (Remember, the fashion and decor don’t have to be exact translations of the concept of the theme.)

With David, the theme became “Passport to Adventure” not just Africa, and it became a more extraordinaryevent than the bride could have envisioned.

While David does total wedding revisions for his show and doesn’t let his brides make any decisions or see his decisions until their wedding day, realize that this is probably not what your brides want from you.  They want you to help them take their visions to a higher level, but they will still want to make their own choices.

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    Those zebra candles are wonderful, looks like it was a great wedding.

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