Become a Top Wedding Planner – Photograph Your Work


Wedding Planner's Assistant Taking A Quick Photograph 

The other day I heard about someone who had done a lot of wedding planning as a hobby and now wanted to launch a wedding planning business.  The problem, she had never taken photographs at any of her events so she had nothing to post on her new website or put into her portfolio.  Yikes!  Perspective clients love to look at photos of events you have planned to get an idea of the style and caliber of your work.

If you haven’t taken photographs of past events, you might be able to get copies by asking  the brides and grooms, whose weddings you planned as a hobby, for permission to talk to their photographer and to get copies.  You will probably need to pay for the photographs and give the photographer credit.

To avoid this problem in the future, always carry a small digital camera so you or your assistant can snap photos at the events that you plan.  Remember, if your photographs include the faces of any people, ask if they are ok with the fact that you may be using the photos on your website before you do so.

For more information on wedding planner portfolios, check out my blog post on the topic which can be found at

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