Become a Top Wedding Planner – Plan a Wedding at a Planetarium


Use a Planetarium as a Wedding Venue for a Wedding Under the Stars

Thursday’s episode of the ABC show Ugly Betty had a wedding theme.  Mode, the fashion magazine where Betty works, was preparing for a wedding issue and Daniel, her boss was getting married.  Daniel hired a wedding planner who told him her job was to give him and his bride the perfect wedding, which means, “whatever she (the bride) wants”.  Of course, the planner didn’t realize what the bride wanted was not possible to do within a month’s time.  (Be careful about telling prospects you can give them the “perfect wedding” before you find out what they want!) Betty saved the day, of course, with a space-age wedding at the planetarium with Grammy Award winner Adele providing the entertainment.

Can a bride really have her wedding at planetarium?   Yes, many planetariums are prepared to host weddings and other events and have the tables, chairs, linens, bars and audio systems in place to make it easy for you and your bride to plan her event.  A couple to things you need to be extra careful about:

  • Lighting – make sure the professionals the bride hires know how to get high quality photography and video in the venue.  Ask to see photos and videos they have done at the planetarium in the past.
  • Acoustics – check what the sound would be like with the DJ and/or musicians the bride plans to use.  Ask if they have performed at the venue in the past or find out if there are any events with music that you or the bride can attend so you can check the acoustics yourselves.

If your bride is looking for a place where she can have a ceremony or reception under the stars, check out local planetariums and see what they have to offer.

To see Thursday’s episode of Ugly Betty, go to the ABC website.

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