Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn What it Takes to Plan a Fabulous NASCAR Wedding



What is it like to plan an extravagant wedding with a bride who has a very detailed wedding vision? You can get a taste of it when you watch the special on the Style Network, “Fast & Fabulous: A NASCAR Wedding.” A show in which we get to see the NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and his fiance, now wife, Samantha Sarcinella, plan their wedding with the help of Chicago wedding planner Susan Cordogan of Big City Bride.

Samantha and Susan had only ten months to plan the New Year’s Eve 2010 wedding with a 7 hour reception. With Samantha being on the road every week, Susan had to be someone she trusted completely to do the work in Chicago. They communicated via email, texting and conference calls. Susan had to help the bride get the venue of her choice, the Chicago Cultural Center, which is normally closed on New Year’s Eve. She also worked with Heffernan Morgan Event Design to coordinate multiple vendors because everything, chairs, linens, china, table numbers, charger plates and the dance floor, were custom made for the wedding. You’ll see how hard Susan worked on the day of the wedding to assure that everything was perfect, including having assistants sit in all the chairs to make sure they were comfortable and allowed the guest to see the bride and groom.

If you think planning celebrity weddings is in your future, you’ll want to see this show. The network will be replaying it several times this week, check the schedule on their website.

You can learn more about the bride and her thoughts about wedding planning in an interview on the Style website. (Her wedding gown was custom designed by Dubai-based designer Michael Cinco.)


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