Become a Top Wedding Planner – Planning for Weddings on Long Holiday Weekends


For those of us in the United States, tonight is the start of a long holiday weekend to celebrate Labor Day, which is on Monday. People think of Labor Day weekend as the last weekend of the summer and spend it having picnics and backyard barbecues.

Many brides chose long weekends, such as this, to have their weddings because they believe more people can take the time to attend without missing a day of work or school. While there is more time for guests to travel, there are also problems related to having a wedding during a long holiday weekend that you should warn your brides about:

  1. Travel can be more expensive. So even if more guests could come, they may have second thoughts if the price of airfare and hotels is high.
  2. The venue and wedding vendors may be more expensive. Many need to pay their staffs holiday pay which may be double their usual pay. Those costs will be passed along to your brides.
  3. Many people have getaway plans on holidays and may not want to spend the weekend at a wedding.

If your brides want to get married on a holiday weekend, make sure they plan in advance, book their vendors early and let their guests know with Save-the-Date cards so they can plan accordingly.

If you decide to take a client whose wedding is during a holiday weekend, make sure you carefully estimate the cost of your services. If you need to pay your assistants more or if any services you need will cost more, you might need to increase your rates.

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