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Wedding Planner Leaving Voice Mail

Twice this week, I’ve received voice mail messages from professionals asking me to return their calls, without leaving call back or contact information so I could easily do so.

One requested I get back to her on email. She did not leave an email address on her message and does not have it on her website or her business card. I understand from discussions we have had in the past that she was quite bothered with spam when she posted and printed her email. However she makes it difficult for her clients, like me, and potential clients to reach her. I ended up leaving a voice mail then looking through my computer for an old email from her to find her address.

The other person left such a long detailed message that she probably forgot to leave her number at the end of it. I looked up her number and called her back.

Everything you do, and don’t do, leaves an impression on people. As a wedding planner, even when you leave messages for people, you must be as thorough as you are in your wedding planning because people expect it of you.

When you leave a message for any client, wedding vendor or professional be sure:

  • You speak clearly
  • Give your name and company name
  • Tell the reason for your call. If you are rescheduling an appointment, try to give at least 24 hours notice and provide alternative times when you are available.
  • Give your phone number, with the area code first, speak slowly and repeat it. Leave your number even if you think the other person has it. They may not be able to access it immediately or may have lost or forgotten it.
  • If you want someone to contact you via email, give your email address. Never assume people have your information.

Last week I received a question about appropriate voice mail greetings so I’ll cover that in my next post.

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