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Wedding Planner Joting Down Changes in the Wedding Plans


Many wedding planners seem to have better than average memories, I know I do.  Maybe it’s because we tend to be a bit obsessive compulsive; obsessed with perfection, rules, and organization, enjoy being in control and feel uncomfortable when we think that things don’t seem right.   I was listening to Dr. Mehmet Oz on Oprah radio this morning, his guest, an expert on memory and emotions, said people who are obsessive often have better than average memories.

However, no matter how great your memory is, you need to write down and keep track of all the details of a wedding.  And, you cannot rely on your brides and vendors to have the same great memory you do.  When I first became a planner, I met with a hotel catering and sales manager to install some phone lines for demos.  The morning before the event, I noticed it hadn’t been done.  She claimed we had never had a meeting and she didn’t know anything about it.  Long story short, it got done, but I vowed never to let that happen to me again.

Don’t let this happen to you!  Write down every change, upgrade, or downgrade anyone makes to products and services expected and send a copy of your notes to all the parties involved.  It’s extra work but it will save you lots of time and frustration in the end.

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    I think you are on to something here. Oftentimes problems come from the tiny details that got overlooked. If you write everything down, then you don’t run the risk of falling back on this behavior. Thanks for the advice, I am investing in a PDA as we speak!

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